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France: Veteran far-right head in hospital for 90th birthday

June 20, 2018

PARIS (AP) — Jean-Marie Le Pen, long-time leader of France’s far-right who was sidelined in a family feud over his anti-Semitic remarks, is spending his 90th birthday in a hospital, still under treatment more than a week after checking in.

Le Pen turned 90 on Wednesday. A Father’s Day visit by daughter Marine Le Pen raised questions about his health.

Marine Le Pen has given her father the cold shoulder since divesting him of membership in the National Front in 2015, removing his title of honorary president-for-life in March and this month changing the party name to National Rally.

An aide, Lorrain de Saint Affrique, says that Le Pen still plans a June 30 birthday party with hundreds of guests.

Le Pen also was hospitalized in April for flu.

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