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Some Rochester patients help treat grief with acupuncture

February 25, 2017

ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) — Some Rochester residents are being treated with acupuncture to help heal from grief.

Mayo Clinic acupuncturist Sara Bublitz told KTTC-TV (http://bit.ly/2lVsWJO ) that most patients come in for some kind of pain management, and several find the ancient Chinese medical practice to be an emotional release.

“It’s like a weight has lifted off your shoulders and that sadness can be released,” Bublitz said. “It’s really powerful.”

Alissa Adamson said she began receiving acupuncture after getting in a car accident and told her acupuncturist she was experiencing sadness after going through a rough real estate market, a skin cancer diagnosis and the deaths of her grandmother and dog. The acupuncturist asked if she would be open to trying a type of acupuncture for grief.

“I was laying there, and I felt like somebody turned on a hose full-blast, and I could feel all the sadness and weight just leaving my body,” Adamson said.

Mayo Acupuncturist Alexander Do said the technique incorporates a holistic view of the body.

“Now with science, we can see that emotional pain and physical pain share the same neural pathways,” Do said. “So they do, in fact, affect each other.”

There are multiple spots that treat sadness or grief.

“With Chinese medicine, grief deals with the lung channel, which goes from the thumb up the wrist, up the arm, and up into the chest,” Bublitz said.

Bublitz said the needles she uses go into the body about an eighth of an inch and described the sensation as “virtually painless.”


Information from: KTTC-TV, http://www.kttc.com

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