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Paul Gosar downplays his bid for McCain’s Senate seat

July 30, 2018

KINGMAN – Paul Gosar thinks he’s staying put in the House of Representatives.

For now, the Congressman representing Arizona’s 4th district expects to remain as a member of the House of Representatives, assuming he wins reelection this fall.

Controversy erupted following reports that the Congressman had solicited an interest in an appointment to Sen. John McCain’s seat, should the the senior Senator from Arizona succumb to brain cancer that has kept him sidelined since December.

The reports differ from Gosar’s account of who asked who.

“We were approached to see if I was interested in running for McCain’s seat,” Gosar said during Saturday’s 74th annual Mohave County Republican picnic and fundraiser.

“We threw our name in and there’s been a lot of hullabaloo since because the senator is still alive and people are asking to be considered for his seat.”

Sensitive to McCain’s medical struggles, Gosar said the state deserves full-time representation from a member of Congress who is in Washington D.C. to cast their vote on critical issues.

“Every family goes through planning for the future when someone is no longer there, and this is no different,” Gosar said. “Our Republic is based upon that representation and frankly we have not had any representation for quite some time.”

In the instance of a vacancy of Arizona representation in Congress, the responsibility of appointing a surrogate would fall on Gov. Doug Ducey’s shoulders.

Gosar believes he is a longshot to get the nod.

“I doubt I would be that person,” he said. “All the scuttlebutt after we were approached, (now) all I want to say is that I was interested, but I don’t think I’m on that list. If it happens it happens, never say never.”

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