Donors build garden for community

December 25, 2017

Songbird Community Gardeners and Billings Parks and Recreation Department would like to thank the Billings community for supporting the growth and development of our community garden. We broke ground with the post holes in late summer of 2016, and we were ready for 30 gardeners in the spring of 2017.

During those early months there was a series of local businesses, organizations and service groups volunteering countless hours of time to dig post holes, set posts, string fence, plant fruit trees, rototill plots, lay down weed block, mulch pathways, and install irrigation pipes. All the while, local and national businesses, private individuals, and groups stepped up with donations of materials, tools and cash to keep the progress moving toward spring.

Because of your generosity we were able to provide affordable urban vegetable garden areas; build sturdy, raised bed boxes for less-able gardeners; distribute surplus produce to local nonprofits; sponsor educational classes for youngsters and for new and seasoned gardeners; nurture healthy eating habits; and promote responsible environmental stewardship.

We offer a warm thank you, merry Christmas and happy New Year to our generous donors for their financial support, and to our volunteers for their hard work. Our benefactors and volunteer groups are listed on our Songbird Community Garden Facebook page. Please visit the page to find out how you can support our garden and/or join the community garden.

Cynthia Jessee, chair