Kathy Molzen: Supporting Israel

February 27, 2019 GMT

Editor: I am a senior citizen of this great nation. It might behoove us to require incoming Legislative branch folk to be educated before they make a comment like Congresswoman Omar recently did. This nation was founded upon Judeo­-Christian principles! Our early citizens were very aware of our obligation to support Israel. We also depend upon their continued support as an ally in the Middle East.

In fact I would venture to guess a number of our legislators could benefit from a civics class like I had in school so long ago and also taught in the early years of a teaching career. Yes, I attended and taught in public schools. When the course was called Social Studies (not Social Science), the third-grade textbook I used had a whole unit on the foundation, structure and duties of the 3 branches of our form of government — a Democratic Republic.

There are numerous Scripture passages that support the importance of teaming with Israel, as well as many that state the fate of those who do not! Here are two: Numbers 24:9 “Blessed is (the nation) who blesses you (Israel); and cursed is (the nation) who curses” and Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the lord, the people He has chosen as His own inheritance.” You might also want to reference 2 Chronicles 7:14-16 and Jeremiah 29:11-13. The entire book of Isaiah clearly shows what happens when His creation excludes or ignores His principles. As a bonus, it also clears up why supporting and allying with those nations opposed to our principles is not a grand idea.

It is heartbreaking to know how few of our younger folks are educated about our foundation. I, for one, pray we still have time to find our way back. How about you?

Kathy Molzen

Lake Havasu City