Christmas tree drop-off opens at Rodeo Grounds

December 28, 2017 GMT

Wondering what to do with the dead tree standing in your living room?

Don’t just trash it: Drop it off for free with Teton County Solid Waste and Recycling.

From now through Jan. 31, bare Christmas trees can be dropped off at the Teton County Fairgrounds (look for the big pile of trees) or at the Trash Transfer Station south of Jackson for no charge.

Instead of making the long, expensive trip to the landfill in Bonneville County, Idaho, the trees will be used as fuel in Teton County.

Unlike other yard waste, Christmas trees can’t be composted, according to Terra Firma Organics. Some commercially grown trees, like many purchased at tree lots, are sprayed with pesticides, including clopyralids, “a component of herbicides that does not break down during composting,” Terra Firma said.

Before dropping off a tree, remove the lights, tinsel and garlands. Save the decorations or try to recycle them.

Gift-wrapping and ribbon are not recyclable — recycling company TerraCycle states that “38,000 miles of ribbon are sent to landfills each year, more than enough to tie a bow around the Earth” — but other trimmings are.

Christmas lights, batteries, Bubble Wrap and stretchy plastic can be taken to the recycling center on Adams Canyon Road.