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Ultima Portable AC Reviews – New Air Cooler with Advanced Features Introduced

July 12, 2020 GMT

Miami, Florida, United States, July 11 2020 (Wiredrelease) Health Spotlight The Ultima AC is a portable air conditioner aimed at people who want to stay cool and comfortable during the unbearable summer heat without breaking the bank. Its small and lightweight design allows it to be ultra portable while being incredibly easy to set up and use compared to traditional ACs.

However, also unlike traditional ACs, this doesn’t exactly qualify as an air conditioner as far as the proper definition of air conditioner goes. It’s more of an air cooler since it uses water to cool the temperature of the ambient air in a room.

Does this mean that the Ultima AC can’t replace a traditional air conditioner and is not worth buying? Let’s take a detailed look at one of the Ultima Portable AC Reviews to find out about its specs, features and more.


The Ultima Portable AC has a somewhat cube-shaped design that measures around 200mm around the edges. Up front, it has a grille from which cold air is blown into the room. The grille is made of plastic and is fully adjustable to direct the airflow where required. In fact, the whole body of the Ultima AC is made of plastic which helps keep the weight down.


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Move to the top and then there’s the opening to the water tank in the centre which can be used to fill in water. As mentioned earlier, this device requires water as part of its cooling process so it’s a good thing the refilling point is in a convenient location. Next to that, are some buttons that turn on/off the Ultima AC and control the fan speed.

Coming towards the back, there’s a rotating strap that can be rolled back when not in use. When it is required, it can be rolled up and it can be used to carry the Ultima AC around or hang it anywhere. This makes it different from most other portable ACs as they don’t have it.

Lastly, the front of the Ultima AC can be pulled back like a drawer to reveal the water curtain. It has been made this way so that the water curtain can be easily removed for cleaning. It’s surely a unique way of accessing it as most other portable ACs do it differently.


Battery Operation: Again, unlike most other portable air conditioners, the Ultima AC can be recharged and run on battery power alone. It charges via a USB-C port, which is highly convenient as it is pretty much the universal standard nowadays. The battery is claimed to last for 8 hours of continuous use, which is impressive considering the size of this device.


Humidifier: How the Ultima AC works is that the water that’s filled in it, soaks the water curtain. The air is then forced to go through the water curtain as it’s sucked by the fan, which cools it down. However, along with cooling, the air is also humidified as part of the process which makes this device a bit unsuitable for regions of high humidity. It’s best used in places with dry heat.

Filtered Airflow: The aforementioned water curtain also acts as a filter that blocks dust particles from coming out of the grille. This is why the water curtain has to be periodically removed to be cleaned. The cleaner air is routed via the 3-speed fan towards the adjustable grille. The speeds of the fan can be adjusted via a button on the top of the device.

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Ultra portable and can easily be carried around.

Incredibly easy to set up.

Battery operated so it doesnt require to be plugged in all the time.

Cooler, Filter, and Humidifier all in one package.

Almost silent operation.

Comes at a cheap price with a limited time discount.

Has a 30 day return policy.

Optional 1 year warranty.


It’s not as powerful as a traditional air conditioner.

Can’t be used in an already humid environment.

Price, Availability Verdict

The Ultima AC is available in 3 packages based on how many of these devices are bought together. As mentioned earlier in the Pros, there’s a huge discount offer on all packages of Ultima ACs for a limited time. The packages along with their corresponding discounted prices are:

Special Offer 1 offers 1 Ultima AC on 50% off for only $89.99

Special Offer 2 offers 3 Ultima ACs on 60% Off with Free 1 Year Warranty

While, Special Offer 3 has 2 Ultima ACs on 53% Off

Apart from 60 day full money refund policy, Ultima is also offering 3 day priority shipping on all of its packages.

Access all available packages of Ultima Portable AC from its Official Website Here

As far as the availability is concerned, the Ultima AC is only available to buy from the manufacturers website. This might be concerning to buyers who don’t feel comfortable purchasing things online and prefer going to a physical shop. However, the upside of this is that, since this isn’t available anywhere else, the chances of a person stumbling across a fake product are greatly reduced.

So to answer the questions asked at the start, can the Ultima AC replace a traditional air conditioner? Well, no. This is because it is aimed at a completely different demographic which can’t quite afford to have traditional air conditioners. However, answering the second question, the Ultima AC is definitely worth buying as the price it’s available for is completely reasonable especially for what it is and what it can do.

Therefore, in case you’re looking for a device to keep you cool but don’t want to spend a fortune, get the Ultima AC . Visit its official website to learn more!

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