Hats off to summer!

May 27, 2019 GMT

Pull the wool beanies over your head and top off a new summer season with a hat attack. From huge straw floppy hats to jaunty Panamas to oversized bucket hats, there’s a hat for everyone under the sun — even if you prefer a mysterious veil or two. Hats are one of the hottest accessories this year, offering lots of sun protection and huge style as well. Here are five of the biggest trends:

• Make a bucket list. It may have a little bit of a “reputation,” ever since Gilligan wore his version of the slouchy sailor bucket hat on the infamous “Gilligan’s Island” TV show. And then there was the “Caddyshack” hat ... Well, you get the picture. This summer, the bucket hat is cool once again and hitting the fashion runways in colorful crocheted looks at Marc Jacobs, colorful brights at Sportmax and exaggerated “Handmaid’s Tale” interpretations at Louis Vuitton.


• Widen your outlook. These hats are beach-ready, with large brims that allow for maximum sun protection. Patterned floppy wide brims are also alternatives with even more possibilities for shade. These flattering chapeaus are also head-turners at special summer occasions such as garden parties and weddings. Just be sure not to wear them to seated events like graduations ... The people behind you may not appreciate your high style!

• Think cool-girl Victorian. The boater hats with their flat oval crowns and flat brims with ribbon bands are the height of attitude this summer. Originally worn by men when out boating in the Victorian era, these hats turn up this year in metallics, some even with veils. The Panama hat, similar to the shape to a fedora with a creased crown, is another hat favorite in summery straws.

While these hats may not offer as much sun protection as wider-brimmed millinery, they are jaunty companions to summer’s cool-girl casual outfits.

• Thank Dad. If you’re more of a baseball cap girl who loves to throw her hair up in a ponytail every day, then the athletic-style hats may be for you. But more and more women are opting for the dressed-down ease of a ball cap, trucker or “dad” cap as some in the fashion industry have dubbed it. And when Chanel shows off a straw visor in its spring/summer show, you can look for a major comeback for this trend.

• Behind the veil. If you want to add some drama to your summer wardrobe, you may be up for wearing a hat with a veil — one of the newest trends to hit the runways, if not the beaches quite yet. More at home at the Kentucky Derby or a formal cocktail party, these hats inject a bit of romance into the fashion scene with netting, feathers, flowers and maybe a sprinkling of sparkling jewels. And for even more mystery, check out the “beekeeper” hat looks with even more netting. Watch for these erotic hats to make a big entrance for holiday parties.

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