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A little rest, a little relaxation, and a little Rascal

April 24, 2018

At the risk of jinxing things, it looks like spring has really sprung, and folks who’ve had a case of cabin fever after a winter that just wouldn’t end couldn’t resist heading outside on a day like Tuesday, when the sun was out and temperatures reached into the lower 70s. At Lowell Park in Dixon, Charles and Lisa Hart of Franklin Grove relaxed with their dog, Rascal Fatts. The mercury will go on a bit of a roller coaster ride the rest of the week: cooler Wednesday, with highs in the low 60s; then warmer Thursday, with highs in the upper 60s; then cool again Friday, with highs barely reaching 60; then warmer on Saturday, with plenty of sun and highs near 70 – but all those highs and lows still beat the cold and snow.