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Utah Valley Educator of the Week: Bridgette Avila

May 20, 2019 GMT

Bridgette Avila, a teacher at Brookhaven Elementary School in Eagle Mountain is the educator of the week.

Before Brookhaven opened last year, she taught at Cedar Ridge and Orem elementary schools. She graduated from UVU and loves teaching.

Mrs. Avila has a wonderful attitude and is a great leader in our school. Her team consistently looks for ways to meet the needs of every student. They use data and weekly meetings to share students and plan for interventions. In the classroom, Mrs. Avila engages her students daily in deep learning activities. She intentionally integrates the 6Cs (creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, citizenship and character) in her classroom. Her classroom is a haven of positivity and quality instruction. We are so glad to have Mrs. Avila on our team!


Mrs. Avila has been part of setting up the Hope Squad at Brookhaven. Hope Squad is a group of students that focuses on two of the 6 Cs, citizenship and character. Students look at ways to build relationships and care for one another in positive ways. Mrs. Avila has been an advocate for this program, and for these students.

Mrs. Avila has been a part of a second grade team at a brand new school that has not been without its challenges. No matter the challenge, she meets things head on. She has a positive attitude, and a growth mindset, and has very much impressed us throughout this school year.