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Kenneth Adkins: Response times are life and death in county

October 25, 2018

Wayne County voters will have an opportunity to vote for the future health and safety of all Wayne Countians on Nov. 6 when they go to the polls.

The Wayne County Commission, after an exhaustive study by the math department of Marshall University in cooperation with Wayne County 911, voted to put forth the County-Wide Emergency Ambulance Service levy on the ballot.

The commission’s goal is to provide adequate ambulance service to all Wayne Countians. Currently, response times to the greater part of the county are unacceptable.

Response time. Two simple words that mean life or death in emergency situations.

Ask any law enforcement officer about the importance of response time when he or she answers a call to a car wreck or any instance that requires medical attention. They will tell you that response time is most important. They are not trained or prepared to administer proper care to a victim at the scene. Only competent, trained emergency personnel can help save a victim’s life.

Ask your doctor how important it is to get help quickly in the event of a heart attack or stroke. They will tell you that the difference between life or death is the quick response of emergency personnel to administer the life saving care the victim requires.

According to the Marshall University study, average response time in Wayne County is currently approximately 30 minutes. Some areas experience quicker response while other areas of the county have much longer response time. Given that residents in Stepptown are nearly 60 miles away from the Huntington hospitals and those who live in Kiahsville are about 40 miles from the hospitals, response time becomes even more critical.

Emergency ambulance service in Wayne County is minimal at best. Those who currently operate the service agree that the need for countywide service is critical.

Voters will decide the future of EMS services in Wayne County. I encourage you to vote FOR the levy.

Kenneth Adkins

Wayne County Commissioner