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Santa’s Helpers Are Coming Through Again

December 9, 2017 GMT

Sun Santa’s Elves

Our latest generous donors include:

John Millett, $50.

“Richard and Sheila Smith”, “Groton”, “MA”, $50.00, “Merry Christmas to all”

“The Kydd Family”, “Chelmsford”, “MA”, $200.00, “A blesssed Christmas to all, the Kydd Family.”

“Leah Legere”, , , $25.00, “In memory of my son, Paul Legere Jr.”

“Anonymous”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $50.00, “Merry Christmas, in loving memory of Ma and Dad, and Christmas on Beacon Street.”

“Anonymous”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $50.00, “Merry Christmas, in memory of Joe Mess.”

“Gerald and Uta. Sunderman”, “Billerica”, “MA”, $50.00, “In memory of Les & Phyllis Sunderman”

“Bob and Ellie Haynes”, “Billerica”, “MA”, $25.00, “Merry Christmas in memory of Bernice Bartlett & Bertha Haynes”

“Anonymous”, “Billerica”, “MA”, $50.00, “In memory of Fred, Minnie, Moe”

“Jon and Joan Crandall”, “Chelmsford”, “MA”, $100.00, “Merry Christmas”

“Richard Maille”, “Tyngsboro”, “MA”, $10.00.

“Jim and Susan Cooney”, “Tyngsboro”, “MA”, $100.00, “Merry Christmas to all the children of Lowell.”

“John and Kathy Pierce”, “Tyngsboro”, “MA”, $250.00, “In memory of Jack and Joan Pierce, Henry and Kay Rousseau, Winfred and Gertrude Chase, and Roy F. White Jr.”

“Charles Sheridan”, “Westford”, “MA”, $100.00, “In memory of David Sheridan”

“Bilodeau”, “Westford”, “MA”, $50.00.

“Peter Mahler”, “Westford”, “MA”, $50.00.

“Stephen Colangelo”, “Westford”, “MA”, $40.00, “In memory of Mary Lou Colangelo”

“Mrs. Ilse Snyder”, “Westford”, “MA”, $75.00, “Merry Christmas to all!”

“Joanne Fitzgerald”, “Tewksbury”, “MA”, $100.00.

“Anonymous”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $20.00, “Merry Christmas”

“Bob, Lori and Lily Philpot”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $100.00, “Merry Christmas! Bob, Lori and Lily Philpot”

“Gail Metropolis”, “No. Billerica”, “MA”, $30.00, “Woof-woof Merry Christmas, Fred the Happy Hound”

“James Covino”, “Billerica”, “MA”, $50.00, “In memory of NAD”

“Anonymous”, “Pepperell”, “MA”, $20.00.

“Ray and Ann Hodge”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $50.00.

“George and Donna Sarris”, “Pelham”, “NH”, $50.00, “In memory of our wonderful parents Edward and Beatrice Gagnon and Charles and Alice Sarris”

“The Livingston Family”, “Billerica”, “MA”, $100.00, “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year”

“The Carmichael Family”, “Groton”, “MA”, $100.00, “In memory of Robin Carmichael”

“Anonymous”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $100.00.

“Deborah Yarnell”, “Billerica”, “MA”, $25.00, “In memory of Victor and Eve Yarnell”

“Michelle and Jerry Languirand”, “Hudson”, “NH”, $50.00, “In loving memory of Arthur Larrivee and Jeannette Languirand.”

“Kay Scanlon”, “Wilmington”, “MA”, $50.00, “In loving memory of Uncle Fran, Aunt Sheila, Aunt Dale and Dick Scanlon”

“The Carter Family”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $25.00, “In memory of Wendy Carter Dunbrack”

“Raoul and Ethel Pimentel”, “No. Chelmsford”, “MA”, $40.00, “In memory of Rose and Raoul Pimental”

“Leo Sheridan Sr.”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $50.00, “Merry Christmas in memory of Rita Sheridan”

“Anonymous”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $20.00, “God bless us, everyone.”

“The Griffin Family”, “Tyngsboro”, “MA”, $50.00, “In memory of Zack Gys”

“The Cronin Family”, “Tewksbury”, “MA”, $25.00.

“Judy Thompson”, “Dunstable”, “MA”, $50.00, “Merry Christmas”

“Leonard Barros”, “Dunstable”, “MA”, $10.00, “In memory of Adam Barros”

“Rita and Bob Bowen”, “Tyngsboro”, “MA”, $50.00.

“Betsy Beach and Bob Simmons”, “Chelmsford”, “MA”, $50.00.

“Data Dynamics, Inc.”, “Bedford”, “MA”, $50.00.

“Steve & Toni Tsakalakos”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $50.00.

“Deems and Jill Buell”, “Westford”, “MA”, $75.00, “Wishing you happiness at Christmastime and in the New Year.”

“Lorraine MacPherson”, “Tewksbury”, “MA”, $25.00, “In memory of Bob MacPherson”

“Catherine Larose”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $200.00, “Catherine A. Larose, Dracut. In memory of my husband Gerry and my Dad, Bob Porter”

“Mike and Linda Brunelle”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $50.00, “In honor of our grandsons, Ryan, Tyler, and Jordan. Mike and Linda Brunelle of Dracut.”

“Anonymous”, “Tewksbury”, “MA”, $50.00, “In memory of family and loved ones.”

“Carolyn O’Loughlin”, “Chelmsford”, “MA”, $200.00.

“Linda Little”, “Billerica”, “MA”, $75.00, “In memory of Helen Little”

“The Murrays”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $100.00, “In memory of Spike - the cat who loved Christmas. He was the best gift ever.”

“Mrs. Feely”, “Chelmsford”, “MA”, $15.00.

“Mike Messina”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $50.00, “In memory of Vincent and Mary Jane Messina”

“Cathy DeFabio”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $25.00, “A blessed Christmas to all, in memory of my son Chris Andricopoulos, George and Maria Kontrobis, Chris Kontrobis, Frank DeFabio”

“Donna Mendonca”, “Tewksbury”, “MA”, $200.00, “In loving memory of David, Kathryn and Michael Barrett and Diana Strykowski”

“Dracut American Legion”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $100.00.

“Linda D. Paradee”, “Montpelier”, “VT”, $50.00, “In honor of Robert Draheim of Wilmington”

“Anonymous”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $100.00.

“Laureen”, “Billerica”, “MA”, $50.00, “In memory of Peg and Duke Libby”

“The Dowd Family”, “Chelmsford”, “MA”, $100.00, “In memory of John and Janice Smith”

“Al and Lorraine Huard”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $100.00.

“John Day”, “Chelmsford”, “MA”, $225.00, “Happy Holidays from ADI Foundry Operations - Pete, Rose, Suzy Lynne, Fabio, Crystal, Sharlene, Felitia, Andy and Jack”

“Anonymous”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $100.00, “Happy Holidays!”

“Kelly Cracchiolo”, “Tewksbury”, “MA”, $25.00, “Merry Christmas!”

“Segue Manufacturing Services, LLC”, “Lowell”, “MA”, $1299.00, “Happy Holidays! From Segue Mfg. Services, LLC”

“Anonymous”, “Tyngsboro”, “MA”, $50.00, “In memory of Jack Doucette”

“Denise and Bobby Jezak”, “Pelham”, “NH”, $50.00, “In loving memory of Amedee Garneau, Marie Garneau, Norman Garneau & Joe Jezak. Merry Christmas.”

“John and Yvette Roddy”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $50.00, “Merry Christmas to all from John and Yvette Roddy, Dracut”

“Anonymous”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $50.00.

“Anonymous”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $75.00.

“Brenda Plaistek”, “Dracut”, “MA”, $100.00, “In memory of Jody Plaistek & Skip Zepkoski.”

“Anonymous”, “Dunstable”, “MA”, $25.00, “Let there be peace on Earth.”

“Anonymous”, “Methuen”, “MA”, $50.00.

Total: $57,423