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Wisconsin legislator finally pays state over stolen sign

July 27, 2018 GMT

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republican state Rep. Dale Kooyenga is finally repaying the state $30,000 for stealing a protester’s sign after a newspaper questioned why he hadn’t followed through on a promise to do so.

Donald Johnson filed a lawsuit last year accusing Kooyenga of stealing an anti-Republican sign Johnson had placed in the state Capitol. State attorneys in April agreed to pay Johnson $30,000 to settle the lawsuit. Kooyenga promised he would reimburse taxpayers.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Friday that after three months Kooyenga still hadn’t paid. Less than half an hour after the story was published a Kooyenga aide said he would pay by the end of the day.


State officials say Kooyenga paid Friday afternoon with a cashier’s check.

Messages left at Kooyenga’s Capitol office and on his cellphone inquiring about where he got the money weren’t immediately returned.