Utah House defeats proposal to study transgender treatments

March 10, 2020 GMT

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A proposal to study medical treatment for transgender minors has been voted down at the Utah House.

Republican sponsor Rep. Brad Daw said he wanted to research the issue because some of the medications prescribed for transgender youth “give me great cause for concern,” the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The bill was approved in committee, but failed in the House on Monday. Daw had previously said he would propose a ban on medical steps toward transitioning, but ultimately proposed researching the issue instead after hearing concerns it would target the transgender community.

His bill would have asked the Utah Department of Health to select one or more medical experts to study the care of transgender minors and certain hormone treatments.

The group Equality Utah applauded the defeat of the bill, and also thanked Daw for responding to the concerns of transgender people when he proposed a softer version of his original plan.