Trump sees no need for Mueller testimony

May 24, 2019 GMT

President Trump said Friday he still doesn’t think special counsel Robert Mueller should testify before Congress, saying it’s time to get onto legislation and that Democrats can’t “go down two tracks” if they want to tackle drug prices and other priorities.

“He just gave them a 434-page report, which says no collusion,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. Mueller. “Why does he have to testify? It’s ridiculous, they ought to get onto drug prices.”

Mr. Trump says Democrats want a second bite at Mr. Mueller’s probe, which failed to find a criminal conspiracy between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian meddlers.


“They want to do a redo of the Mueller report. It’s over, there is no redo,” Mr. Trump told reporters as he departed the White House for Japan. “They have to get over their anger and they have to get into infrastructure, drug prices and things like that.”

Mr. Trump is engaged in a bitter back-and-forth with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who accused the president of waging a “cover-up” amid the post-Mueller debate. Mr. Trump responded by walking out of an infrastructure meeting.

Each leader then questioned the other’s composure and mental agility.

The bitterness upended a potentially bipartisan effort to fix America’s crumbling bridges and roads, though senators unveiled bipartisan health legislation Thursday and cleared the way for a disaster-aid package to help storm-ravaged areas of the Midwest, South and Puerto Rico.

“This week proved the president wrong Congress can and should work on bipartisan bills that benefit working American families, and we Democrats will continue to work on this, regardless of the circumstances,” said Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer.