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Former Manager Of Chicago Hotel Recalls Bloody Bedsheets, A Rude Simpson With

July 7, 1994 GMT

Former Manager Of Chicago Hotel Recalls Bloody Bedsheets, A Rude Simpson With PM-Simpson-Slayings, Bjt

BOSTON (AP) _ Police found bloody bedsheets in the Chicago hotel room where O.J. Simpson stayed the night his ex-wife and her friend were killed, the hotel’s former manager said.

″I was standing in the room when they started pulling down the sheets. That’s when they found the blood stains,″ Peter Phillips, now a hotel consultant near Boston, told the Boston Herald in a story today.

Chicago police seized the sheets, pillowcases, a glass Simpson later said he cut his finger on and pieces of note paper from the O’Hare Plaza Hotel room, Phillips said.

Nicole Brown Simpson, 35, and Ronald Goldman, 25, were slain the night of June 12 at Ms. Simpson’s Los Angeles home. Simpson left Los Angeles that night for Chicago and checked into room 915 early the next morning.

Police called Simpson at the hotel and asked him to return to Los Angeles, Phillips said. After the police called, Simpson made a dozen telephone calls and checked out of the hotel, Phillips said.

Phillips said he then secured the $175-a-night suite. He said he saw a broken glass in Simpson’s room and torn-up note paper in a waste basket. One piece of paper had a name and telephone number on it, he said.

The bed had been used and a newspaper was on it, Phillips said. He said he watched detectives gather evidence, including fingerprints, for two hours.

″They took the (broken) glass they found in the sink in the bathroom; they took the sheets and the pillowcases from the bed that had blood on them,″ he said. He said he saw no blood on the glass or in the sink.

Police asked Phillips how Simpson acted.

″When he checked in, he was friendly, very friendly. He joked around with the night clerk and simply said, ‘I’m tired; I need sleep,’ and went up to his room,″ Phillips told WHDH-TV.

″Simpson appeared at the front desk at the busy morning checkout time, and he demanded that a cab be called and that we provide a Band-Aid for his bloody finger,″ Phillips said.

He said the front desk clerk described Simpson as rude and overbearing. ″He was very loud and very insistent that he be waited on. He wanted a phone call for a cab made now and a Band-Aid now,″ Phillips said.

Phillips said he has been subpoenaed to testify in the Simpson case and that Simpson’s defense lawyer also contacted him.

A preliminary hearing is under way to determine whether there is enough evidence to put Simpson on trial in the slayings.