Win one for the Gipper

February 5, 2018

When you’re going up against Chris Murphy, who is sitting on a $10 million war chest, sometimes you’ll do anything to get the attention of your party.

Maybe that’s what was on the mind of Dominic Rapini during a Jan. 22 fundraising dinner held by Grassroots East, a political action committee for Republicans in the 2nd congressional district.

Virtually every GOP candidate for statewide office was there at the Holiday Inn in Norwich, including the Branford businessman and U.S. Senate hopeful Rapini.

Organizers auctioned off a framed photograph of Ronald Reagan. Estimated retail value: less than $50. Rapini put in the winning bid of $750, but not before the wife of New Canaan’s Mike Handler muttered that perhaps fellow gubernatorial candidate Dave Stermerman should ante up, according to a spy in the room. Stemerman didn’t get to be a Greenwich hedge fund mogul by overpaying, however.

Rapini went home with the Gipper. Now that’s taking one for the team.