Cleveland singer-songwriter Hannah Stak premieres new song ‘Table For Two’

May 29, 2018 GMT

Cleveland singer-songwriter Hannah Stak premieres new song ‘Table For Two’

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland singer-songwriter Hannah Stak (short for her full name, Hannah Stakolich) has gone from a broke college student to a big player in the city’s music scene, hosting open local music events and creating her own mix of lighthearted songs.

Today, Stak is premiering her newest song “Table For Two” on cleveland.com. You can listen to the song below.

The song was inspired by a friendship. “The lyrics sound like they may be more romantic, but setting the table for two is ... symbolic of maybe feeling like you’re doing all the work in a friendship and waiting for the other person to meet you halfway,” she said.

The song is from Stak’s upcoming debut EP, “Retrograde.”

Releasing an EP is a big step away from where Stak was a few years ago, when she went to school at Bowling Green State University and learned guitar in her spare time. Stak picked up some lessons from her dad and her favorite campus bartender, but mostly learned through watching YouTube videos. Through the process, Stak figured out she could sing, too.

She teamed up with some old musician friends and met people through open mic nights.

But Stak has done her fair share of organizing events in Cleveland’s music scene too. She helped run an open mic night at Speakeasy bar in the basement of Bier Markt in Ohio City before it ended its run.

Currently, Stak hosts the “Sounds And Stories” event at the Alex Theater at the 9, and the “Songwriter Sundays” event at the Plank Road Tavern. Both events feature local singer-songwriters and her own personal performances.

“The people I would meet and the culture of the music scene are so welcoming and so inviting and caring,” said Stak. “It’s amazing how you give a gig, you get a gig.”

As time passed, Stak had created enough music to want to do something with it. “I’ve just been working through writing solo and cowriting with friends, and I found myself with this group of songs I was really proud of and wanted to share,” she said.

Stak and her friends came together to put together “Retrograde”—Pat Laguardia recorded and produced the album, and Mike Pappas mixed it. (Both Laguardia and Pappas are guitarists and singers of the Cleveland rock band Mr. Carnivore.)

“Retrograde” will release on July 6 with a concert at CODA, 2247 Professor Ave., Cleveland. The show will feature Stak with a full band performing with her, including guitarist Ray Flanagan, bassist Kimberly Haffey and singer Maria Sarnowski. Opening for Stak are Maura Rogers and the Bellows and Mr. Carnivore. Tickets are $4-7.