The Slice: Air-conditioning: Yes or No?

July 6, 2017 GMT

It’s not a new question.

Do you need air-conditioning in the Spokane area?

Let’s evaluate the pro/con perspectives.

Pro: When the inside of your home feels like a sweat box (think of what the Alec Guinness character endured in “The Bridge on the River Kwai”) being able to turn on the AC can be pretty sweet.

Con: The expense.

Pro: This is 2017. Spokane life in summertime does not have to resemble a Tennessee Williams play.

Con: Reliance on air-conditioning robs you of the chance to cope with the heat by wearing natural fibers, having a window fan, listening to cool jazz and dining on salads and iced tea.

Pro: It’s hard to be a productive member of society if you have to take six showers a day.

Con: Though it does get hot here, Spokane is seldom all that humid.

Pro: Happy wife, happy life.

Con: A gin and tonic has less of a carbon footprint.

Pro: The possibility of sleep.

Con: When it’s positively chilly inside the home, stepping outside can make you feel like an overheated character in “Lawrence of Arabia.”

Pro: Perspiration really isn’t as interesting as it looked in the 1981 William Hurt/Kathleen Turner movie “Body Heat.”

Con: Air-conditioning implies that you lack a certain hardiness.

Pro: AC allows you to eat ice cream at your own pace.

Con: Does it teach your kids the wrong lesson when it comes to the virtues of endurance and toughing it out?

Pro: It’s why God built the Grand Coulee Dam.

Con: Does AC corrupt your precious bodily fluids?

Pro: It allows you to be creative instead of simply flopping in the recliner and moaning that it’s too hot to live.

Con: Kids won’t grow up and be able to tell the same sort of stories about summer. You know, “Why, back in my day …”

Pro: What’s the point of living in the First World if you can’t have a little comfort?

Con: With the money you save, you can put in a pool.

Today’s Slice question: John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time on this date in 1957. What would be the equivalent first encounter in your own life?

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