Lake City mayor facing opposition in election

August 4, 2018 GMT

LAKE CITY, S.C. – Lovith Anderson, if he elects to run again, will have competition in the race for mayor of Lake City.

Yamekia Robinson announced her candidacy for the office on the sidewalk in front of the former Wedgefield Mobile Home Park Friday afternoon.

Robinson, a Lake City native, is a 39-year-old mother of five who has worked for 17 years as a pharmacy technician at KJ’s Pharmacy in Lake City. She is an honor graduate of Lake City High School, Class of 1997. She also received a bachelor of science degree from the University of South Carolina. Robinson also founded I Am That Butterfly, a charitable organization.

“This is my first time running for office – any kind of office,” Robinson said. “Pretty much what made me come to the decision is the passion that I have for my city and the passion that I have for the citizens becoming better together in the city.”

Robinson added that she wanted all the residents of the city to work better together and to see Lake City continue to grow. She said she wanted to see positive change in the community.

“We need a great deal of affordable housing after dealing with Wedgefield movement,” Robinson said. “We definitely need affordable housing. I know that there are a few projects being worked on and that’s a great start. But, coming aboard as mayor, I can actually have a seat at that table with some decisions put in my hand.”

In March of 2017, the Wedgefield Mobile Home Park property was purchased by the Greater Lake City Community Development Office. Residents of the mobile home park were given around a year to move but many residents were unable to for a variety of reasons including the age of their mobile homes and poverty.

Other parts of Robinson’s platform include economic development, youth engagement, and improvement of the education system.

“I just want everyone to know that to make this positive change in Lake City, we have to be more compassionate and concerned about others,” Robinson continued. “We all make up the city. We all make up communities and communities make up Lake City. We all need to come together and be more compassionate and concerned about others. I believe this city can grow much better.”

Gloria Tisdale has also filed to run in the mayoral race.

Also, Carl McFadden has filed to run for the Lake City Council District 3 seat currently held by Wilhelmina Scott.

It is not known whether Anderson or Scott will file to run again.

Filing in the election is open until noon on Aug. 15. Filing fees apply to those seeking to run for office in Lake City. To run for city council, the filing fee is $150. To run for mayor, the filing fee is $300.

The election for mayor and city council of Lake City will take place during the general election on Nov. 6.