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Minn. High School Bans ‘Bondage’ Pants

November 29, 2005 GMT

WINONA, Minn. (AP) _ Winona Senior High School has prohibited students from wearing a certain style of baggy pants because of safety concerns.

``Bondage″ pants _ pants with several straps that hook from each back pocket to the opposite pant leg _ were banned about a month ago. The school’s dress code committee decided that students shouldn’t wear any strap that could be unsafe, whether made from chain or fabric, said associate principal Jeff Sampson.

Although the straps haven’t caused any injuries at the school, Sampson said they could possibly hook students onto something or someone and would be especially dangerous around shop class equipment.


Junior Ed Chick and his friends said the straps would rip off the pants once caught and most are too high off the ground for others to trip over.

Students said the new prohibition is aimed at groups who some label as ``Goth″ or ``freak.″ They said teachers have been less stringent enforcing the dress code among students in other groups who wear skimpy blouses, T-shirts promoting alcohol or pants that show underwear.

``We’ve all been yelled at or called to the office,″ said junior Carl Schreiber, who was told he couldn’t wear pants with cuffs 1.5 feet in diameter because he could conceal a gun in them or trip.

Sampson said about 15 students have agreed to remove the straps, and ``a handful″ were suspended after refusing.