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Taking dual credit classes is convenient

November 5, 2018

Dual credit has been a topic that has come up multiple times in the last two years of my high school career.

Many people in my school have taken advantage of taking dual credit classes to get ahead in classes for college or to save money by taking classes for credit in high school instead of college.

Norfolk Catholic has made taking dual credit classes a very easy and convenient thing to do. As of right now, Norfolk Catholic offers advanced chemistry, calculus and speech for dual credit along with giving the option to take online classes for dual credit through Northeast Community College. I am taking calculus and speech for dual credit but advanced chemistry as just a regular high school class.

While dual credit can be a great way to save money and get ahead on college classes, there are some cons to taking these classes.

If you are planning on going to college to pursue a major in the sciences, it is better to not take science classes for dual credit.

On my college visit to Wayne State College, one of the biology professors told me that when students take dual credit science classes in high school, they fall behind when it comes to college. This is because they usually try taking a more advanced class their first semester of freshman year of college instead of taking the basic level class that most of the freshman take. He advised us to still take the most challenging science classes a school offers, but not for dual credit and instead take other general education classes like speech for dual credit.

Taking dual credit classes come with not only benefits, but there’s also a down side to them. Although they can help save money by taking the classes in high school instead of college, they can put you behind if the wrong classes for dual credit are taken.