‘Global Tastes’ honors UPenn Law’s Sozi Pedro Tulante

May 25, 2018

Sozi Pedro Tulante, Lecturer in Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School is a prime example of an immigrant success story pursuing the “American dream.”

Tulante was the recipient of the 2018 Nationalities Service Award which was presented during Global Tastes 2018 at WHYY in Philadelphia.

Global Tastes is a celebration of Philadelphia’s diverse communities through food and gives participants the opportunity to meet different nationalities and cultures.

The Nationalities Service Award is presented each year to an immigrant or a child of immigrants who demonstrates the extraordinary value that new Americans bring to the United States.

The Nationalities Service Center (NCS) in Philadelphia sponsored Tulante and his family helping them come to Philadelphia as refugees from Zaire in the early 1980s.

In his early years, Tulante attended many public schools in Philadelphia and would later go on to attend Harvard University and Harvard Law School before becoming Philadelphia’s chief legal officer.

“My story is like many immigrants who first come to America,” Tulante said. “The very first person my family and I meet at JFK Airport was a volunteer from the Nationalities Service Center. They helped get my family settled as refugees being lost and not knowing where to go which got us to really love Philadelphia.”

Tulante become an attorney and returned to Philadelphia to become a board member for NSC.

“They protect people, help people get healthy and push them to achieve the American dream,” he said.

Tulante made it his priority to become partners with NCS to work very closely on issues that impacts immigrants and refugees.

“My advice is very simple that you obviously have to work very hard and not to give up hope for what America stands for,” he said. “Sometimes you lose sight of that given how immigrants and refugees are attacked but I believe immigrants really help this country.”

Tulante believes immigrants should feel very fortunate to have opportunities here knowing that there are people who didn’t have a choice in being here.

“Coming here and knowing that we have an opportunity to help the city grow and be safe is something that’s very important to me and should be a lesson for other immigrants who are struggling,” he said.