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Controlling pollen

April 14, 2019 GMT

Sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy noses and more are almost epidemic at this time of year due to the heavy pollen count.

There is not a whole lot to be done that can stop the pollen however by taking a few precautionary steps one can slow down its invasion of your house.

One study showed that once the pollen is inside the house the count could go higher than the count outside due to the house being a closed-up space. With that said listed below are some strategies for limiting the pollen’s access to your abode.

The first one is easy in that as wonderful as this spring air smells and feels don’t open your windows!

All that fresh air invading the house is bringing the pollen with it and when you shut the windows it is trapped inside.

If you like the fresh air but want to limit the pollen invasion check out some of the websites that give a daily pollen count so you can pick a day when the level isn’t so high. Otherwise use the HVAC system to comfort the house and change the filters often.

There are filters out there made especially for this season and do help clean the air of pollen.

Think of pollen as a creepy crawler that is on everything you touch outside because it wafts through the air landing on every surface.

As you open your car door, pick up your newspaper, pet your dog or simply take a walk you are in contact with pollen and you bring it with you as you enter the house.

Some would say the following hints are too much trouble, however if it clears up your scratchy eyes and runny nose it might be worth it.

Start with your car and wash it as often as possible. If you have a garage, use it. The car is a huge target for pollen and every time you get in it, roll down a window or just brush up against it you are encouraging the pollen to stick to you.

Keep some handy wipes in the car to wipe your hands and door handles and other areas you commonly touch as you enter and exit the car.

More and more folks automatically take their shoes off when they enter the house.

Not only does it save on dirt but in this case keeps the pollen at bay.

Taking this concept one step further you should change clothes at the front door when you come home and wash the pollen infested garb. Immediately taking a shower and washing your hair will offer further protection and send that pollen you picked up during the day right down the drain.

The same goes for family pets that go in and out of the house on a regular basis. Brush them good before they come in the house and wipe off their paws so they don’t track it inside.

Then wash the brush after grooming the animal. If you use a vacuum cleaner empty the bag outdoors and wipe it down so when you next use it the pollen isn’t blowing out of the machine as you sweep.

As with all things, this too shall pass! Soon, the summer sun will be shining and that yellowish green glaze will no longer dress your car plus your spring-cleaning regimen can relax.