Fired Cleveland Cavaliers exec drops lawsuit after team settles

July 31, 2018 GMT

Fired Cleveland Cavaliers exec drops lawsuit after team settles

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A judge has dismissed a retaliation lawsuit brought by a former Cleveland Cavaliers executive after the two sides reached an undisclosed settlement, according to court records. 

Lawyers for Mozelle Jackson, the teams former chief financial officer, asked for the dismissal last week. Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Shaughnessy granted the motion and ordered each side to pay their own court costs.

Jackson filed the suit in May claiming the organization’s officials threatened to ruin her career after she saw employees deleting evidence related to a disabled employee’s potential discrimination claim.

The organization said Jacksons as fired her the day she filed the lawsuit.

In March 2018, she became aware of a “workplace incident” with an employee that was investigated by lawyers and members of the human resources department, according to the complaint. 

Many of the details of the incident, including the employee’s name, were redacted in the original complaint and Jackson’s lawyers have asked a judge permission to file an unredacted version under seal. 

She claimed that she saw members of the organization’s IT department deleting evidence related to the employee’s incident shortly after a conference call about the incident and that when she raised the issue, Cavs execs

The Cavs said in a statement after the lawsuit was filed that it was full of “intentionally twisted, inaccurate and fabricated claims,” and that the organization will not pay “ransom-like sums.”

“We eagerly look forward to bringing this matter to trial and are confident that the truth will prevail, demonstrating that these assertions, although professionally packaged and strategically timed in hopes to maximize pressure and affect [sic], are baseless and false,” the statement read.

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