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    The contents of a text message sent to union by lawmaker

    May 16, 2019 GMT

    LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The following is a text message sent to a carpenters union representative by Rep. Larry Inman on June 3, 2018, according to an indictment filed against him in federal court. The names of Persons A-C were removed by prosecutors.


    “Hi (Person A), I hear the prevailing wage vote may be on Wenesday. In my opinion, We all need some more help! Carpenters have been good to me, where are the rest of the trades on checks? We only have 12, people to block it. You said all 12 will get $30,000 each to help there campaigns. That did not happen, we will get a ton of pressure on this vote. (Person B and Person C) will go to the longest neck hold on this one. I have heard most got $5,000, not $30,000. Its not worth losing assignments and staff for $5,000, in the end. They will give you the check back. I am not sure you can hold 12 people for the only help of $5,000. My suggestion is you need to get people maxed out, on Tuesday, I will do my best to hold. (Person C) will pull assignments for next term on this vote. You have no idea the pressure on this one for (PersonB’s state) race , to pull this off for the tea party. People will not go down for $5,000, not that we dont appreciate it. Please get with the all the trades by Monday, I would suggest maxing out on all 12, or at least doubling what you have given them on Tuesday, asap, we never had this discussion, Larry”