Orchids and Onions: Monday, December 3, 2018

December 3, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Dr. Rizzo who repaired an incarcerated inguinal hernia before it could become strangulated. Dr. Rizzo is the Tom Brady of surgeons and everything a good doctor should be: competent, confident, caring and courteous.

Orchids to our local Post Office. A friend with dementia sent us a card with just our first names and a barely recognizable address. Not sure how anyone figured it out. Thank you also to our carrier on Trimaran. Good job!

Onions to the rude people that come through my line talking on the phone, holding up the line for other customers. Really, are you that important? No manners and rude.

Orchids to Daniel of Dave’s Appliances! Very nice and knowledgeable installing my vent pipe, on top of new Microwave and oven from Sears. Thank you!

Onions to the person defending the guy sleeping in Walmart parking lot. In Havasu, Walmart doesn’t own the parking lot; the mall does, and there is no overnight sleeping or overnight parking.

Orchids to James at Whiz Kids. He solved my computer problem in a matter of minutes, where my server couldn’t figure it out or didn’t want to. He just won a loyal customer.

Orchids to Retired Debbie at Hospice of Havasu Retail Store. What a great person. You always made our day – miss you. Enjoy retirement. WI Jewelry Lady and Paying Husband

Orchids to Linda Vasquez, owner of Mesquite Janitorial Supplies for fixing my old hand vacuum for dirt cheap. S.

Onions to the Thanksgiving luncheon committee for electing to seat 10 of us at tables designed for 8. There was barely room for my plate and coffee cup. I was forced to place salad next to my entrée. Besides being cramped, the chairs were rickety. I feared for my safety throughout the meal!

Onions to our city for wasting money on bathrooms at Rotary Park. There are many firemen who haven’t had raises in years. No wonder no one wants to work for our fire department.

Orchids to Chris at Taylor and Son’s Locksmith. We were locked out of our RV after a trip. Chris came out within an hour and had our problem solved very quickly. He was very honest and the customer service was outstanding. Thank you again Chris.

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