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Ken Dixon: Views from two sides of a wall

December 25, 2016 GMT

Letter us entertain you

Wow Ken: I had to hold my nose throughout your entire piece today (Nov. 27 “Madame President! Sore loser? Take heart with what might have been”). Forgive my French but that was a load of crap, sorry. Get over it, Hillary lost. Oh, she throttled Trump in CT, the state that has consistently voted in Democrats that have us listed bottom-in-the-nation in all categories. We’re not exactly the smartest or unbiased of voters. And as for the housing and banking crisis of the Bush administration? Please, your guys Barney Frank and Chuck Schumer and the Democrat-controlled Congress thought everybody should own a house and pushed banks to make stupid loans to unqualified people. Don’t rewrite history. Please do better next week ... MM

Thanks, MM. Speak for yourself. With the financial moguls attached like barnacles to the incoming Trump administration, I don’t think it will be long before the banks gain re-entitlement to further greed and new frontiers of Ponzi schemes of repackaging shaky loans. They’ll always have us, the taxpayers, to pay for the cleanup with our retirement savings while they party like it’s 2008.

Ken: I, me, the guy who in ’67 marched on the Pentagon; in ’68 participated in the Columbia U strike/sit-in ... cast my ballot for Donald J. Trump. So, why the dramatic change in trajectory? Simple. I wanted change. Radical change. Trump won; I got what I wanted ... Change, Mr. Dixon. Bear in mind, no one running for any office is obligated legally, ethically or morally to honor their obligations or keep their promises. The wall would have been prohibitively expensive ... The chances anything that Trump does will affect me directly or indirectly down in the gutter, is minimal at best. It’s all in God’s hands, folks. AT

Thanks AT: If what you wanted was a blustery disrupter with no record of public service other than his own secretive, far-flung business interests, congratulations. I advise keeping a close eye on what Trump does after Jan. 20.

Ken Dixon: Amazing you can be delusional and still type.

Deal with this:You now have sore winners. RV

RV! In a sense, both sides won, then. That’s an interesting way of looking at it.

Ken Dixon: Great column today. Excellent choice of words. No rehashing of Trump’s stupid antics like most columnists did today and yesterday. But a good overview of the whole presidential election mess and its importance to all of us. DJ

Thanks, but my tolerance for positive reinforcement is limited, Mr. J.

Dear Ken: Just in case no one else has written to commend your column, let me be the first — however unlikely that might be ... Nonetheless, some serious reflection on “what is” versus “what might have been” should help anyone to glimpse what went wrong, but more important, recognize the possibility and probability of some of the challenges ahead ... Thanks for helping to shape some of the things that probably won’t happen in the next few years, and give food for thought on how to try and survive, individually and as an already great nation. As my H.S. Latin teacher used to say “repeticio est mater studiorum” (repetition is the mother of learning). JM

Thanks JM: Let’s say you are in a select group of readers who got the point of the column.

Ken Dixon: Thank you for your article today. It’s amazing how different the thinking of the liberal press is from those of us who support Trump.

We see hope from socialist oppression. We see an end to open borders with the burden it places on the institutions such as schools and medical facilities, not to mention crime and drugs. We see a chance to add jobs for Americans, instead of illegals and manufacturers overseas. We see a future with respect for police and the law, as our forefathers intended, maybe even an end to sanctuary cities which harbor criminals. We see hope for Christians to be not harassed for our beliefs. We see an effort to be protected from Muslim terrorists and jihad. It might be it might be nice to encourage kids to pay their own bills, with some effort to get colleges to impose reasonable tuition rates. By the way, it was nice to see that most thinking Americans saw Hillary for what she is: a criminal who does belong in jail ... RN

I see you have a checklist, RN. Maybe President Trump can go over the details with his bro Vladdy Putin when they get together. By the way, there is no such thing as a “liberal press,” nor is there a mention in the Constitution about “respect for police.” Hillary Clinton, by the way, won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million.

C’mon Ken: You can do better than writing some should’a-would’a- could’a, BALOONNY !! Get a life and start writing about a potential cleaning up of our political system. We realize it’s tough to swallow, but you have the gift of outstanding scripture. Use it wisely. MM

Thanks, I think.

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