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The Ohio Export Internship Program Uses Powerful Matching Technology for Placing 2019 Interns

September 10, 2019 GMT
PeopleKeys 4-Dimensions (4D) Report with DISC, T.E.A.M.S., Values and BAI
PeopleKeys 4-Dimensions (4D) Report with DISC, T.E.A.M.S., Values and BAI

Youngstown, OH, Sept. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PeopleKeys, a world leader in developing valid and reliable, customizable behavioral assessments, continuing education courses and associated technology, has been unlocking human potential for over 35 years. Partnered with the Ohio Development Services Agency (DSA) and Ohio Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), PeopleKeys donated use of its proprietary, patent-pending hiring and matching technology to the Ohio Export Internship Program (EIP) for improving the process of pairing interns with participating companies by applying principles of predictive hiring. The goal was to utilize the behavioral profiles of the students to match them with companies that would best fit their unique strengths and preferences. The result is a better internship experience for both the student and the company.


Ohio is the eighth largest exporting state in the United States, and consistently ranking as one of the top 10 exporting states in the nation year-over-year. It’s important for Ohio small businesses to continue to receive the support and resources needed to continue expanding current and developing new export markets. The export assistance provided by the Ohio Development Services Agency with the Export Internship Program is unparalleled.

“We appreciate the Export Internship Program and the value it has given us in the three years we’ve participated, so much that we wanted to give back to the program and the community. The 4-Dimensions (4D) assessment is our top hiring assessment, used in businesses all over the world, and we wanted to give it to the program as an easy way to improve the intern-company pairing process,” said Dr. Brad Smith, President and Co-Founder of PeopleKeys.


The PeopleKeys 4D report is prominently used by businesses of all sizes for replicating and hiring top talent, employee placement and team building for improving retention and ultimately reducing costs associated with poor hires and turnover. As it does for businesses in hiring, the 4D works the same way for easily placing interns where they would do extremely well. It assesses 1,440 behavioral points of comparison in one package; revealing the preferences and strengths of the intern and in what types of positions they would excel. The results of the assessment provide a benefit for both the intern and the company to make the most of the internship experience. Pairing through this new lens of behavioral awareness has been a success for the 2019 EIP students and companies.

“The 4D assessments provided by PeopleKeys positively impacted our process for qualifying student matches in our internship program. By utilizing the evaluations to examine all facets of students’ personalities, and matching those traits with the company’s needs, our internship placements became more successful and the students acquired better experiences,” said Ellen Chittester, International Trade Consultant with the Ohio SBDC Export Assistance Network at Youngstown State University.

Having behavioral data of interns who matched well for the participating EIP companies in 2019 creates a behavioral benchmark which can be used in future intern-company matching. Like in hiring a superstar employee, knowing the underlying behavioral traits, values and attitudes of an intern and how they fit with a company culture or specific position is valuable to the continued success of the program.

Contact PeopleKeys to learn more about available predictive hiring tools and using behavioral solutions for your program or business.

About PeopleKeys

PeopleKeys, a world leader in DISC Behavioral Analysis, has been publishing behavioral tools for over 30 years. Their reports, courses, training, consulting, and platform integrations make them the premier choice for customized behavioral tools and programs. PeopleKeys helps small to large businesses, HR practitioners, educators, coaches, and non-profit organizations unlock the potential in their workforces. PeopleKeys trainers help organizations create more productive corporate cultures.

About the Ohio Export Internship Program

The Ohio Development Services Agency, committed to creating jobs and building strong communities, has developed the Ohio Export Internship Program to match companies that are looking to export for the first time or improve current export initiatives with highly motivated students who have taken export-focused coursework. This exciting internship program offers a mutually beneficial relationship to students and companies alike by providing real-world experiences where both can learn and grow.

Learn more about the Export Internship Program: https://development.ohio.gov/bs/bs_oxip.htm


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