Club offers venue for legal gambling in north Houston

September 29, 2017 GMT

Aces Social Club is dealing in card players in north Houston as the latest venue to gamble legally.

The recently opened club is offering Omaha and Texas Hold ‘Em style poker tournaments. Membership director Tricia Helford said card games such as Omaha Hold ‘Em and Texas Hold ’Em are games of skill and not luck.

“There’s more reading the player than there is in luck,” Helford said. “More of the pots in these games are won prior to the last card being dealt.”

Unlike casinos, Aces Social Club is a card house and does not have any advantage over player and the winning players earn the winnings, she said.

While gambling is not permitted under Texas law, players earning the winnings on the game are allowed as long as all of the players have the same advantage and play in a private location.

“All of the money that is won here is given back to the player,” Helford said. “If there’s $1,000 in the pot, the player wins the $1,000.”

Aces Social Club has its own custom deck of cards to prevent cheating and its members only location makes it private, as per the state statutes.

Instead, the card house earns money from seat rentals, amenity and membership fees, which start from $10 a week and $120 a year. While no alcohol is served, Aces Social Club will allow members to bring their own alcohol. A food menu will be offered to members in the future, she said.

The club will offer 20 tables and more than 40 card dealers available to deal out games.

“We provide you with a dealer to deal the game for you,” Helford said.

Located in north Houston, Aces Social Club management wanted to be close to the airport and to give residents in north Houston areas another option instead of driving a long distance to go to Post Oak Poker Club in the Galleria or Mint Poker in Webster.

The card house is also in proximity to Bush Intercontinental Airport to try to attract travelers, Helford said.

In the near future, Aces will also allow members to play other games, such as mahjong and Dungeons and Dragons, she added. Classes to play poker will also be available.

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