Don’t let Trump damage America

January 20, 2017 GMT

On Jan. 20 our world tilted on its axis as a man who seems to prize the friendship of a Russian dictator over that of anyone else assumed the presidency.

It is outrageous that he will not show us his tax returns, that he is holding on to his hundreds of properties all over the world, that he is trying to get the former head of Exxon, Rex Tillerson, installed as secretary of state — a man who cut a $500 million deal with Russia’s state-owned oil company to drill on 67 million acres on which Exxon holds drilling rights. One problem: the sanctions the U.S. imposed after Russia invaded Ukraine. The drilling plans and that massive deal are dead in the water at present. And then there are the new sanctions, just announced at the end of December. Those were for Russia’s hacking into our electoral process.

Donald Trump is already talking about lifting those sanctions. Why? His closest advisers (Steve Bannon, plus Flynn (who has been calling Russia regularly), and Tillerson, among others, are all friends of Russia and want us to be “best friends”. Trump’s first foreign trip will be to meet with Vladdy. Anyone smell a rat?

I’m sick over this, and I only think and hope there are still some people with strong moral character in the House and the Senate who will not let Trump run roughshod over America. As we speak, millions of us may lose health care, suffer cuts to Social Security and Medicare, all for no good reason.

If anyone ever thought Trump or his cohorts really care about the working stiffs like you and me and most Americans, you have another thing coming.

Paula Dee

Lovell, Wyo.