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Pregnant Woman Swims Across Berlin River to Freedom

August 22, 1988 GMT

BERLIN (AP) _ An East Berlin woman who eluded armed guards as she swam to freedom through a polluted river says she’s three months pregnant, officials reported Monday.

Four East Germans swam across Berlin’s Spree River on Sunday evening while an East German patrol boat stopped nearby as they scrambled onto the West Berlin bank near a government building.

One of the four was Maiga Adryan, who told people she was three months pregnant, said West Berlin city spokesman Hans Birkenbeuel.

″We have no reason to doubt her, even though no medical test has been conducted here so far,″ Birkenbeuel said.

Ms. Adryan, 22, broke a foot during the escape, he said.

The river, filled with industrial wastes, is about 260 feet wide and under constant East German patrol at the point where the four swam across it.

In another incident, police said a young man on a motorcycle tried to speed through the Checkpoint Charlie border crossing into West Berlin on Monday, but he rammed a barricade East German guards had lowered quickly.