Eric Swalwell pushes for release of House Intel Committee transcripts in Russia case

March 13, 2018

Rep. Eric Swalwell said Tuesday that the transcripts of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee concerning the Russia collusion case should be made public.

“If the Republicans believe in transparency they’ll come out,” Mr. Swalwell, California Democrat, said on CNN.

He did say that some testimony or information may need to be reviewed or withheld so as not to compromise the special counsel’s ongoing investigation into collusion claims between Russia and President Trump. He did say, however, that he disagrees with the Republican’s decision to close the committee’s case after deciding the investigation showed no evidence of collusion.

Mr. Swalwell said President Trump’s continued efforts to protect the Russians, and refusal to impose harsher sanctions on the country, shows there’s a relationship between the two.

“Russia helped the president. Russia has long invested in Donald Trump. He has long invested in the Russians,” Mr. Swalwell said.

He said the president’s actions are hurting America.

“He can’t impose sanctions against them. He can’t say a bad thing about a brutal dictator. So whether he worked with them or not, it’s hurting America, and it’s hurting our ability to have a secure election this November,” Mr. Swalwell said.