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Cabinet Includes Seven Civilians With AM-Paraguay, Bjt

February 4, 1989

ASUNCION, Paraguay (AP) _ Provisional President Gen. Andres Rodriguez on Friday named a Cabinet made up largely of experienced technocrats, several of whom held important posts under ousted President Gen. Alfredo Stroessner. Members include:

- Army Gen. Orlando Machuca Vargas, interior. A cavalry officer who served many years under Rodriguez, he is the only active duty military man on the Cabinet. He will be in charge of political affairs, including elections; and the police.

- Luis Maria Argana, foreign relations. A constitutional lawyer, he served as president of the Supreme Court until resigning last August. He is regarded by many as a potential presidential candidate if elections are called.

- Enzo de Bernardi, treasury. An engineer, he runs the highly-efficient state electric company, ANDE. The son of Italian immigrants, he fought for Italy and was decorated for bravery in World War II.

- Dionisio Gonzalez Torres, education. Rector of the National University and father of navy commander Eduardo Gonzalez.

- Antonio Zuccolillo, industry and commerce. A prosperous businessman and industrialist, he was Stroessner’s ambassador to Britain until 1987. He is the brother of Aldo Zuccolillo, whose newspaper ABC Color was closed by the Stroessner government in 1984.

- Hernando Bertoni, agriculture. An agriculture engineer and only Cabinet member to retain his post, he is the grandson of famed Swiss naturalist Moises Bertoni, who came to Paraguay in the last century to study its flora and fauna.

- Porfirio Perreira Ruiz Diaz, public works. A retired general who has been mayor of Asuncion since 1976. An engineer, he launched programs to pave streets, build bridges, and improve garbage collection.

- Alexis Frutos Vaesken, justice and labor. A former Supreme Court member from 1983 to 1987.

- Juan Ramon Chaves, minister without portfolio. The 87-year-old Colorado Party leader headed the party for 25 consecutive years until ousted by militant Stroessner backers in August 1987. Paraguay lacks a vice presidency and this minister fills in when the president is absent.

Still to be filled are the posts of health and national defense.

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