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Lee, Ogle and Whiteside County property transfers: Dec. 1, 2018

December 1, 2018 GMT

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of Nov. 19:

Warranty deeds

• Peter J. and Kristina K. Buyno to Isaiah J. Buyno, 1004 Dillon Ave., Sterling, $60,000.

• Antonio Ceron Fuentes to Chico Alexis Alejo and Jobelle D. Gamboa, 1415 W. 23rd St., Sterling, $112,000.

• Rachel Cadwell to Conkling Real Estate Management, 400 Ave. B, Rock Falls, $0.

• Barbara Tichler to Jack H. and Debra L. Eversoll, 13650 Crosby Road, Morrison, $92,000.

• Daniel J. and Kristi K. Wiederin to Mike Mihalios Inc., Eikenberry Sheet Metal Works, 412 E. Third St., Sterling, $60,000.


• Bonnie L. O’Neal to Kelli A. Slock, 2020 Tampico Road, Tampico, $120,000.

• Whiteside County to William F., Frank J. and Elizabeth A. McCue Trust, one parcel on Lincoln Road near Sterling, $27,000.

• Adam Daum to Kevin and Wendy F. Case, 603 Bourbon St., Rock Falls, $76,000.

• Kimberly A. Williamson, formerly Edwards, to Crystal Santucci, 503 E. Fifth St., Rock Falls, $38,000.

• Adam and Kathryn Wilcox to Megan L. Rooney and Cory L. Stauffer, 25103 Prophet Road, Rock Falls, $80,000.

• Kenneth L. Vanhuizen Jr. and Colleen R. Palmer to Ned S. and Colleen R. Palmer, one parcel on Sand Road near Erie, $356,600.

• Mary Jane Ballard to Joshua S. Huizenga, 1308 Sixth Ave., Erie, $120,000.

• Brian D. and Sara H. Frickenstein to Mitzi S. Hook, 501 Jenkran St., No. 6, Morrison, $64,000.

• Deirdre E. Mackay, formerly Desmond, and Steven M. Mackay to Dusti E. Adrian, 412 W. 13th St., Sterling, $217,000.

• Scott L. and Amanda L. Bielema to Kathy A. Bielema, 1010 16th Ave., Fulton, $145,000.

• L.A. Farms Inc. to Stephen L. Jackson Trust, six parcels on Albany Road near Albany, $859,885.10.

• City of Sterling to Gail Jellerichs, 805 Maple Lane, Sterling, $16,500.

• Sauk Valley Bank & Trust to Randy L. and Buffi J. Langley, 1901 Ave. G, Sterling, $199,900.

Quit claim deed

• Kelly Strock to Melvin, Janet, and Eric S. Strock, 20344 Hoover Road, Sterling, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

• Howard L. and Louise E. Bielema Trust to Brenda K. Deweerdt, six parcels in Albany Township, $0.

• Howard L. and Louis E. Bielema Trust to Marlene Keisel Jackson, one parcel in Newton Township, $0.

• Scanlan Family Trust, Norden W. and Mary Jane Scanlan, trustees, to Mike Mihalios Inc., 305 Fifth Ave., Sterling, $15,000.

• Gerald K. and Monica J. Anderson Trust to Charity A. Wheat, 619 Fifth Ave., Rock Falls, $58,000.


• Marie T. Rosness Trust to Rosness Farms, two parcels in Hume Township and 1777 Roscoe Road, Deer Grove, $0.

• Richard J. Prescott Trust to Stephen Alexander and Louise Whyte, 17401 Timber Drive, Sterling, $192,500.

Executor’s deed

• Charlotte F. Hawk Estate to Paul D. and Brigitte M. Young, 5930 Lakeside Drive, Erie, $128,500.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded the week of Nov. 19:

Warranty deeds

• Hvarre Holdings LLC to Mildred L. Saathoff, 1684 Overlook Drive, Dixon, $171,400.

• John J. and Traci M. Davila to Rae Ann Cunningham and Levi L. Underhile, 630 Reynoldswood Road, Dixon, $118,000.

• James G., Jeffrey L, Mark A., and Michael E. Dallas to Keegan R. and Ashly L. Glenn, 519 W. Eighth St., Dixon, $52,700.

• Charles A. Cook and the late Barbara A. Cook to Melissa L. Spahn, 1304 N. Brinton Ave., Dixon, $80,000.

• Dixon Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Lori Spotts, 320 Custer Ave., Dixon, $0.

• Kara Grot, Tom D. Lawless, and Laurie Wischmeyer to Barbara J. Lawless, Lawless Eye and Vision Center – KSB Hospital, 511 Palmyra St., Dixon, $0.

• Nina and Thomas J. Mitchell to Laurel A. Faber, 310 N. First St., Compton, $98,000.

• Gwendolyn L. Gallentine to Lula J. Rogers, 703 Fourth Ave., Dixon, $115,000.

• Doug E. Nicklaus to Dark Land Trust Number 1, Thomas D. Murray, trustee, 602 Palmyra Road, Dixon, $50,000.

• Ashley M. Dearmitt to Brittney D. Karrow, 11 S. Appleton Ave., Amboy, $63,000.

• Donna Tucker Rippeon to Joshua M. and Megan Tegeler, 613 Orchard St., Dixon, $72,000.

Trustee’s deeds

• Eleanor S. Pitcher Revocable Trust, Heartland Bank and Trust Co., trustee, to Warp Properties LLC, two parcels in Nelson Township, $1,554,857.

• Nancy C. Hartz Trust, Jerry D. Hartz, co-trustee, to Jerry D. and Linda M. Hartz, two parcels in Amboy Township, $0.

• Donald R. Springer Trust Number 91, Charles G. Springer, successor trustee, to Aneda K. Ebert and Charles G. and Paula Springer, 2071 Reynolds Road, Ashton, $0.

Deed in trust

• Todd A. Nicklaus Sr. to Dark Land Trust Number 1, Thomas D. Murray, trustee, 604 Palmyra Road, Dixon, $200,000.

Transfer on death instrument

• Delores J. and Douglas L. Dysart to Anthony S. Dysart and Vicki L. Lynn, 414 Carroll Ave., Dixon, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County property transfers recorded Nov. 16-21:

Warranty deeds

• James A. and Victoria L. Myers to John and Laura Zimmerman, 6652 N. Cedar Road, Mount Morris Township, $343,000.

• Bryan and Lannette Austin to Stephen R. Hiner Jr., 12363 W. Haldane Road, Lincoln Township, $64,000.

• James M. and Linda A. Swanson to Elizabeth and Michael Williams Jr., 847 N. Kishwaukee Road, Marion Township, $265,000.

• Tonia R. Madsen, Michael D and Desirae D. Turner, Shane Taylor, Deanna Reynolds, and Megan Tegard to Kimberlie J. Sanderson, 6695 S. Sarah Ave., Rochelle, $120,000.

• Benjamin D. and Deborah L. Cross to Jeffrey A. and Brenda L. Woolbright, 730 Golden Prairie Drive, Davis Junction, $177,000.

• Marlin M. and Catherine A. Cluts to Samantha J. Juby, now McMinn, 1790 Knights Lane, Rochelle, $203,000.

• Donald D. Lowry Jr, deceased, by heirs, to Andrea J. Giblin, 7931 S. Delaware St., Grand Detour Township, $120,000.

• Michy Properties Inc. to ARFM Oil LLC, 17802 state Route 72 East, Monroe Township, $225,000.

Quit claim deed

• Terry E. Gabbard to Terry E. and Melissa A. Gabbard, 8422 S. Main St., Rochelle.

Sheriff’s deed

• Ogle County sheriff and Justin K. and Britteny C. Stewart to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 106 E. Center St., Mount Morris.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office