McConaughey and more stars react to Sam Shepard’s death

August 1, 2017
This image released by Netflix shows Sam Shepard from the original series, "Bloodline." Shepard, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Oscar-nominated actor and celebrated author whose plays chronicled the explosive fault lines of family and masculinity in the American West, died of complications from ALS, Thursday, July 27, 2017, at his home in Kentucky. He was 73. (Saeed Ayani/Netflix via AP)

NEW YORK (AP) — Reaction to the announcement Monday that actor-playwright Sam Shepard died last week at age 73:

— “He moved on today? We lost one of the great ones. Great writer... Well, all right (points up) see you in the next one Sam.” — Matthew McConaughey, visibly shaken after learning about Shepard’s death on a red carpet Monday evening.

— “A great man of the theater has passed. Thank you, Sam Shepard. RIP.” — Actor Jason Alexander on Twitter.

— “Sam Shepard. Whenever he came on-screen, you knew you were in good hands. A frame from “Days of Heaven.” May he rest in love.” — Filmmaker Ava DuVernay on Twitter.

— “Literally bumped into Sam Shepard many years ago, both of us on our way to see Pillow Man on Broadway. We had a great chat/walk. #hero RIP” — Don Cheadle on Twitter.

— “I’m coping with Sam Shepard’s death by listening to Prince which is just bumming me out more” — Comedian Whitney Cummings on Twitter.

— “So sad to hear about Sam Shepard passing. A truly original actor and an incredible writer. Sending love to his family. #RIP” — Reese Witherspoon?, who included a broken-heart emoji, on Twitter.

— “A hero of theatre. A hero of writing. A hero of acting. A hero of mine. Sam Shepard RIP.” — Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Twitter.

— “He was to playwrighting what Brando was to acting. Made it look at itself in a new light, redefined it. Gave us new eyes to see ourselves.” Actor James Morrison on Twitter.

— “The consummate artist has passed, the one who spanned genre and discipline w/leonine grace + titanic sex appeal and talent. RIP Sam Shepard” — Screenwriter Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith on Twitter.

— “So sad about the news of Sam Shepard... We still have his theater and his characters, which will live forever.” — Actor-director Diego Luna on Twitter, translated from Spanish.

“RIP Sam Shepard, a true American legend. My first play at CMU was Cowboy Mouth. Your plays and roles will live on forever.” — Actor Joe Manganiello on Twitter.

— “Sam Shepard is one of the greats. These eyes saw so much, and he wrote of what he saw with fearless, timeless honesty. RIP maestro.” — Writer-producer Beau Willimon on Twitter.

— “Sam Shepard was a towering figure in American theater and film. He indeed had “the right stuff.” His voice will truly be missed.” — Actor George Takei on Twitter.

— ”...A true poet cowboy who wrote from the scariest most beautiful parts of the soul. Thank you Sam” — Actress Betty Gilpin on Twitter.

— “Cowboy Slim forever and a day. R.I.P., Sam Shepard. #CowBoyMouth and so much more.” — Actor David Boreanaz? on Twitter.

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