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Michael Wilton Finds Stolen Guitar

January 18, 1999

REDMOND, Wash. (AP) _ Michael Wilton always knew he had a hot guitar.

During the 1980s and early 90s, Wilton played his custom-made $5,000 ESP Vintage Plus in the heavy-metal band Queensryche, recording eight albums.

But five years ago, Wilton’s guitar was stolen _ and presumably lost for good.

Then last week in a Redmond recording studio, a fellow guitarist named Bill Brumlow discovered that he’d been plucking Wilton’s long-lost property.

``I was terrified when I found out,″ said Brumlow, who bought the guitar two years ago from a collector.

The guitar was spotted by studio owner Todd Walker as Brumlow’s band, Dream Train, prepared to play. Brumlow promptly returned the guitar to Wilton, asking for nothing in return.

``I’m elated,″ said Wilton, 36, who plans to use the guitar on a summer tour. ``There are so many rats in the music business that, when something like this happens, it just gives me hope.″

Brumlow said Sunday he doesn’t know how to contact the person who sold him the hot guitar.

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