Barbecue restaurant coming to Hoffmeyer Road, Evans Street neighborhood

October 7, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. — The family that brought the Florence community Jack’s Place will be opening a new restaurant, this time on the opposite side of town.

Zack Holt, one of the owners, told the Morning News that the group is working on renovations to the old Cruise the View building on West Evans Street across from Zaxby’s.

There, they will open a barbecue restaurant: Holt Brothers Barbeque Co.

Holt said that he and his brother, John, have loved working with their dad, Jack, in the restaurant business.

“This will bring a mixture of 35 years of experience with several of the places we’ve owned,” Holt said. “My dad had a lot of barbecue places growing up. He started on a 55-gallon drum selling barbecue in an IGA in Pamplico.”

Holt said that experience will be key in delivering quality food to the Florence community.

“We’ve got some family recipes,” Holt said. “We’re going to have smoked-type, vinegar and mustard-based barbecue. We will have six different made-in-house sauces. We will be making everything from scratch; nothing will be pre-bought. Truth be told, when you get something pre-bought, it just doesn’t have the same flavor. We want to deliver on having some of the best flavor in the area.”

In addition to barbecue and barbecue sandwiches, Holt said, the restaurant will serve whole barbecue chickens, burgers and many other items. The restaurant will also have craft beer.

“We’re going to promise the best customer service that we can offer,” Holt said. “We’re also going to have carry-out where a mother who has worked all day can come in and order food for three, four, five people. We just want to deliver on a pleasant visit all the way around.”

Holt said the old Cruise the View building was a perfect place to put the new restaurant.

“They weren’t going to do anything with that building,” Holt said. “We were looking around and came across it and we just knew that this was one the one that it had to be. We want it to be a destination restaurant, but it’s still close enough to everything else in town. This was the perfect mixture for us.”

There is no current timeline for the opening of the new restaurant. Currently, the group is going through renovations and add-ons to the building. Holt said he wants everything to be “done right.”

“We want everything to be perfect,” Holt said. “This is going to be something that Florence doesn’t really have. We’re taking time to make sure everything is taken care of and that all the little details inside the building and beyond are exactly as they should be.”

Holt said getting to work with his family is what he enjoys most.

“Anytime you can work with your dad and brother, it’s a blessing,” Holt said. “It’s never a bad day at work because you get to see your family. We grew up as a tight family, all of us, and it’s great to be able to work with them.”