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Berlin Borough police officers receive ranks

May 4, 2019 GMT

Officers in Berlin Borough are being recognized by their rank.

During a borough council meeting Thursday, it was announced that Officers Rodney Norman and William Gonzalez will now hold the ranks of lieutenant and sergeant, respectively. Both officers are full time. The borough also employs a part-time police officer.

Borough Executive Secretary Tom Glessner said that a proclamation will be drawn up next week making the title changes official.

Mayor Joe Krause said the men are happy with the change.

Krause said the change doesn’t come with different or added duties.


“It’s just like a little perk,” he said. “It’s a little recognition for them.”

Norman will remain the department’s officer-in-charge, Krause said.

Krause added that the new titles are deserved.

“They do a wonderful job,” he said of his officers. “They don’t always get the recognition that they deserve.”