Planned Parenthood holds festival, informs about Zika virus

July 15, 2017 GMT

Planned Parenthood of South Texas held its annual Clinica Festival on Friday to continue raising awareness for the Zika virus and give the community Zika prevention kits.

Different organizations were present at the festival to inform the community about what services they can offer.

Marisol Medina, Planned Parenthood’s community health worker, said while they were promoting Zika awareness, they were giving out school supplies.

Medina said Planned Parenthood gave out Zika kits to pregnant women or women who are trying to get pregnant. The kit contains mosquito dunks, repellent and a condom.

“We are educating our community, especially our pregnant women and women who are seeking pregnancy,” Medina said. “A lot of our women do not know that it can be transmitted sexually.”

The City of Brownsville’s Public Health Department was one of the organizations present at the festival to inform the public about what the Zika virus is and what the city is doing to lower the mosquito population.

Public Health Department Zika Outreach Nurse Henry Presas said only 1 in 5 people show symptoms of the Zika virus.

“The 1 in 5 will show a rash, red eye, joint pain and maybe a fever,” Presas said. “It’s the first mosquito-born disease that’s been shown to cause genetic issues, birth defects and also the first to be sexually transmitted.”


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