EDITORIAL: Texas reps must fight for Harvey aid

October 14, 2017

Local congressmen Brian Babin and Randy Weber have been challenged by Gov. Greg Abbott - and by extension, their constituents too. Abbott was concerned about a massive $36 billion aid package moving through the U.S. House this week. It included funding for victims of Harvey - along with victims of Irma, Maria and Nate. At the last minute, California wildfires were thrown in too.

With so many disasters hitting the U.S. recently, perhaps a mega-aid package was unavoidable. But Abbott was concerned that nearly $19 billion in federal aid that was designed for Harvey victims could get lost in the shuffle. He urged U.S. House members from Texas to develop “stiff spines” and avoid being “rolled” on this issue.

His advice was appropriate - and it will apply to the U.S. Senate as well when the aid package reaches that chamber.

Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz must make sure that Texas gets its fair share - no more and no less - to recover from the monster known as Harvey.


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