Blake Lively slow to make friends

February 25, 2019

Blake Lively is “slow to make friends”.

The 31-year-old actress admitted that although acting helped develop her self-confidence it still takes her a while to feel comfortable around people, and confessed she isn’t the kind of person to be interested in someone after meeting them “for a few minutes”.

In an interview with Psychologies magazine, she said: “I am much less inhibited and more open with people than I was when I was younger. Acting did that for me, but I’m still slow to make friends.

“I’m not the type of person who meets someone and after a few minutes, I want to exchange phone numbers. It takes me time to feel comfortable with someone. ”

The ‘Gossip Girl’ star explained that even growing up she would always maintain a positive mentality and believes that if an individual has “self confidence and a strong sense of determination” then “you can make your own luck”.

She explained: “Even as a little girl I would think ‘It’s a good day to be happy’. That kind of thinking and feeling has stayed with me my entire life and I hope I never lose it.

“If you have self confidence and a strong sense of determination, then good things are going to happen to you. You can make your own luck, even when life throws roadblocks in the way. ”

The ‘A Simple Favour’ actress added that her life with husband Ryan Reynolds and their daughters James, four, and two-year-old Inez is “wonderful” and insisted she and the ‘Deadpool’ actor “like doing everything together”.

She said: “It’s been wonderful Ryan and I like doing everything together. He loves helping me choose things for the house, he’s interested in all types of cuisine, and he says he loves everything I cook for him - he’s such a good liar!”

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