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Dial Vision Reviews & Price: Adjustable Focus Glasses is It Worth?

October 16, 2020 GMT

Los Angeles, CA ( TS Newswire ) -- 16 Oct 2020

With age, the eyesight starts to deteriorate. And with all the time spent in front of various screens, may that be the Smartphone or a TV, the problem is getting worse. Therefore, more and more people are getting glasses today to cope with the fading vision. But the prescribed glasses from the optician dont seem like the solution as the vision changes over time. Occasional blurry sight, constant headaches, and other issues will require you to get a new eye prescription.

It can be expensive, at the same time, frustrating for most. Today, the hectic lifestyle doesnt leave room for regular visits to the optician every few months. For this reason, investing in a dial vision adjustment glass seems like a good alternative. Get to know more about it with our dial vision reviews.


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What is a dial vision adjustment glass?

The vision problem gets categorized into two types: nearsightedness and long-sightedness. You might also know them by Myopia and Hyperopia as these are the medical terms used by the ophthalmic medical practitioner, aka the Eye M.D.

Usually, the prescription you get is to solve either of the issues. However, the dial vision adjustable focus glasses are adjustable lenses that can solve both eyesight issues with a single pair of specs. Thereupon, it eliminates the need to visit the opticians office every time your eyesight requires adjustment.

Is it a scam?

The dial vision glasses, as seen on TV, bring about the same reactionSCAM ALERT! As a matter of fact, in the telemarketing world, most of the devices you get to see turn out to be nothing like advertised. However, exceptions are there like “Scrub Daddy,” which performs like its shown on the TV.

Still, looking at glasses that insist that there would be no need to go to an eye-specialist seems far fetched. But the truth is the simple mechanism of the dial glasses work just as it claims.Its no marketing gig to steal your money. It is a product that genuinely makes a difference in peoples lives.

How do the dial vision glasses work?

The dial vision glasses work, you know that. But how does the technology behind the specs work? How does it solve both nearsighted and farsighted issues with a single bifocal?

Understanding the mechanism behind it isnt that complicated. Instead of having just one lens, it has two lenses. This simple but ingenious idea uses the opposite types of lenses in one spec to replace the need for conventional glass. You use the dial to switch between the lenses to get the right focal length to have a good vision. It is like finding the right prescription for your eyes.


The mechanism works for both the eyes independently. Therefore, you can get a different correction on each of the eyes as many have an uneven vision. Lets say you have +1.5 powers in one eye, and the other has + 2 or any different number. Now, using the dials on the glass, you can adjust that refractor power from -6 for nearsightedness to +3 for farsightedness for each of the eyes.


From what has been seen so far from Dial vision adjustable eyeglasses reviews, the specs are quite good in terms of quality. They get made from high-quality materials that make them resistant to scratches. Also, to calibrate the lenses to get the right vision isnt that difficult. The state-of-the-art technologies used to make the glass provides smooth transitions.

Besides that, dial vision glasses are also quite accessible. They got made to help visually challenged people around the world. The aim was to make visits to the Eye M.D. fewer to save both money and time. Plus, to bring their invention to a broad audience. Because studies show, a vast population needs glasses but cant afford them due to its cost. Achieving that goal required them to offer the product within an affordable price range. And they succeed in doing that without compromising on the product quality.Alongside that, the glasss unisex feature is something that makes it an excellent option to have as anyone can use it.


Dial bifocals have their downside too. Yes, they are unisex, but the frames style isnt what you hope to see. If you imagine getting something right out of the sci-fi movies, you will be disappointed to get your hands on them. The spec is quite dull looking.

Though the refactoring dial is easy to use, it doesnt let you adjust to a specific correction directly. Lets say you have a farsighted power +1. To get to that precise correction on the glasses, you have to position the lens to the right adjustment until you get there. There is no indicating value to help you get to the correct power.

How to calibrate the dial vision lenses?

People who get introduced to the revolutionary technology of on-the-spot refactoring glasses, most of the time, find it challenging to use. They cant get the focal length right. It results in having blurred visions instead of getting a clear one. That defeats the whole purpose of getting the glasses.

However, the problem isnt with the specs. Many dont know how to tweak it the right way. Its not hard to do. Just follow the steps below to learn calibrating the lenses.

Before starting, the package for the adjustable glass usually comes with a chart included. You will need that chart as it will help you to get the settings right.

Step 1: The first step requires you to wear the glasses on.

Step 2: Then, cover one of your eyes.

Step 3: Now, on the open eye, you will correct the lens using the dial on it. While youre doing so, keep the chart in front of you at a distance. It is the same technique ophthalmologists use to test your eyesight. When you get the adjustment right, the chart will come into focus.

Step 4: Once done, start doing the same thing for the other eye.

Step 5: Done

It is a standard procedure to get the correct setting on the lenses. Even if you have equal power in both eyes, you wont be able to do it simultaneously. Youve got to do it one eye at a time to get the perfect vision on the glass. ==Click Here to visit Dial Vision Official Website to Get 50% OFF==

What makes Dial vision different?

Numerous similar products are claiming to provide clearer vision with their adjustable glasses. However, behind dial vision, there are years of study and research done by scientists at Oxford, England. Therefore, there is some method to this madness which put it in a respectable position. Meanwhile, the other ones are mostly knock-offs or just some cheap adjustable glasses with no such research done to develop the specs.

Can Dial Vision replace regular specs?

In all honesty, the dial vision adjustable focus glasses came to provide an affordable solution for all. It is more of a backup pair you can use if you lose or break your prescription glasses.

That doesnt take away from its credibility. Within the price range it comes in; it is hard to compete with prescribed specs. However, it solves the problem of getting new glasses every time you start having issues with your vision.

It works great as a reading glass and other such activities. Also, people who cant afford to go to an Eye M.D. for consultancy can easily pick up one and use it. Yes, it might not work as a recommended pair of glasses, but it will get the job done.

But there is a long way to go for it to become the norm. Future dial vision reviews will make it clearer whether it is close to achieving that or not.

Is it recommended?

The answer is yes, and no at the same time. If youre having trouble reading from far and near distances, then the dial vision glass is an affordable option that you can opt for without any hesitation. It will undoubtedly save your time and money spent making visits to get your eyes examined and then getting a prescribed spec.

In that respect, the adjustable glasses seem to have a significant benefit.

But the glasses mostly focus on making things in front of the eyes clear to your sight. The magnification for peripheral vision doesnt get the same treatment. In case if youre planning to wear it out while driving or for any other such activity that requires those senses to work accurately, then you should instead use regular prescribed glass.

They got some things right and still require more work on such aspects mentioned above to become a valid alternative of glasses you use for day to day use. ==Click Here to visit Dial Vision Official Website to Get 50% OFF==


Eyesight is quite essential in our everyday life. But when most of the things you consume with the optic, keeping it in proper condition is becoming more difficult. Thats one reason more people are getting glasses than ever, and the number is only increasing by the day.

But glasses or lenses, whatever youre thinking of getting, it is still not accessible to everyone. Many people lack the purchasing power, which can sound surprising, but it is the reality we live in today. Thats where ingenious solutions like the dial vision adjustable glasses can bring those specs to the needy. It isnt a legitimate alternative to prescription eyewear; it still helps to get a clear sight to the underprivileged population in an affordable manner, which is the real objective. And based on Dial Vision user reviews so far, many have found a reasonable option to help them get on with the regular life. So, it works.