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LASD shows off programs to state superintendent

November 4, 2017

It was an informative afternoon for State Superintendent Brian Whiston, who on Friday paid a visit to Ludington schools and some of the local organizations that collaborate with them.

The visit was a great way to show off Ludington’s roster of programs, said Superintendent Jason Kennedy, who led tours of each building with the help of school principals.

“I’m honored to have been able to showcase Ludington ,” he said after the visit. “I was very pleased — there was a great deal of energy around teaching and learning, and best practice teaching and learning.”

The first stop on the three-hour-plus tour was the Lakeshore Resource Network, where Kennedy gave a brief overview of district goals and how Ludington schools work with organizations like the LRN and Mason County Family Link to address student needs outside of the classroom.

Whiston commended the community for its strong support.

“I am so impressed with this joint community project to address the whole child,” he said. “I’m impressed you’re addressing this — in many (districts), that’s not the case.”

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