Florence’s Bentree Lane set for temporary closure

May 23, 2019

FLORENCE, S.C. – A short street that handles a lot of traffic will be closed from June 3-6 to facilitate utility relocation as SCDOT prepares to widen the road.

Bentree Lane, which runs between West Palmetto Street and David McLeod Boulevard -- will be closed from 8 p.m. June 3 through 7 a.m. June 6 so contractor L. Deal Weaver Construction can relocate utilities ahead of the road project, according to a release from the City of Florence.

Traffic that uses the road as a connector between the two heavily-traveled thoroughfares will need to take an alternate route, according to the release.

Access to McLeod Health and Fitness and Willwood Gardens Apartments will be available only from David McLeod Boulevard and access to Bentree Apartments will be available only from West Palmetto Street.

The road improvement project encompasses the road’s intersections with David McLeod Boulevard and West Palmetto Streets and includes improvements to Dozier Boulevard from David McLeod Boulevard to Trade Court.

“The purpose of the project is to improve operational efficiency for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Additionally, the project will increase safety at each intersection with Bentree Lane,” according to an SCDOT Website on the project.

In 2016 27,000 vehicles a day traveled through the area on David McLeod Boulevard while 19,400 a day passed on West Palmetto Street, according to SCDOT traffic counts. No figure was available for Bentree Lane. Those numbers have held close to that since 2009.

Traffic through the intersections is expected to only grow moving forward.

“Our 2016 counts show 11,600, and projected to be 12,300 in 2020, and 15,000 in 2040,” Robert Kudelka, SCDOT spokesperson, said.

During evening rush hour it is not uncommon for south-bound traffic on Bentree Lane to be backed up from Palmetto Street to David McLeod Boulevard.

“Improvements include radius improvements at each intersection along with dual lefts on Bentree Lane onto David McLeod, offset left turn lanes on David McLeod Boulevard and Dozier Boulevard and extended left turn storage on Bentree Lane onto West Palmetto Street. Sidewalks will also be added along Bentree Lane,” according to the project’s Website.

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