Not Time to Reconnect with Cousin Just Yet

October 8, 2018

Dear Dream Retriever: My dream last night was quite strange, and I could use some help with the connection and interpretation. I am sure it is important because I can’t seem to shake it. Not that it was horrid or anything, just strange.

I am in Boston, walking downtown, and I feel lost. I work in Boston and am on the street I work on, so I shouldn’t feel lost but I do in the dream. I seem to be looking for someone or something and can’t find it/him/her. I never came in contact with any information that could give me a grasp on what it was I was looking for. I get to the train station and I go to get on the train, and I see my cousin. (We have been on the outs for some time now and don’t really see eye to eye on many issues. We were close when we were young and I miss the relationship, but the drama attached to her is toxic and I find it hard to deal with it. I haven’t been in touch with her despite her efforts to contact me.) She is standing by the stairs looking up as if she is waiting for someone. I don’t see anyone else. I step off the train and start to walk toward her and hear the train start to leave and jump back on it. My alarm woke me up at that point. -- Ellie

Dear Ellie: I understand your confusion here; it is not exactly straightforward. You are walking in Boston and you affiliate this immediately with work. You feel lost although you are in familiar territory. You see your cousin whom you love but feel is toxic to you in some manner. You get off the train and jump back on before it leaves.

The fact that she is at the bottom of the stairs, you see her and, despite your first instinct to approach and repair the issue, you choose to get back on the train, your dream is telling you that although you love this person very much, it is not the time to mend the relationship. The cousin never moves and never sees you -- that represents that she is unchanged. By that I mean that your efforts now would be in vain because she is not likely to be open to it.

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