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Louis Gossett Jr. Marries Soap Opera Actress

December 26, 1987 GMT

JERUSALEM (AP) _ Oscar-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr. married an American soap opera actress in a Christmas ceremony attended by a small group of family and friends.

″I never thought at this stage in my life this could happen,″ publicist Barbara Barkay quoted Gossett as saying. ″You get used to life being just okay, and then suddenly something like this happens and you realize how much you were missing all those years.″

Gossett’s bride, Cyndi James Reese, plays Lexy, an undercover police officer, in the television serial ″Days of Our Lives.″ She also sings the opening song in the Rich Little Show.


Gossett, 50, has two sons: Satie, 13, from a previous marriage; and Sharron, 10, whom he adopted three years ago.

The couple was married in a Baptist ceremony at a hotel in the resort town of Herzlia, north of Tel Aviv. Gossett flew in his aunt and 90-year-old grandmother for the wedding.

Another guest at the ceremony was Bobby Angelle, a friend who has been Gossett’s stuntman in movies for the last 13 years.

Gossett, who won the 1982 Academy Award for his supporting role in ″An Officer and a Gentleman,″ also played the late President Anwar Sadat of Egypt in a recent television miniseries.

The couple will return Sunday to Haifa, where the filming of ″Iron Eagle 2″ resumes Sunday. They plan to return to Los Angeles in ten weeks, when filming in Israel is scheduled to be completed.