Voters cast ballots early

March 13, 2018 GMT

Early voting began Saturday in St. Martin and St. Mary parishes, both of which have mayoral elections on the ballot.

In St. Mary Parish, Franklin voters will choose between Republican Jimmie Daniel II and Democrat Eugene Foulcard for the city’s top seat.

Jolene Holcombe, with the St. Mary Parish Registrar of Voters office, said Saturday was a very busy day.

“It’s the mayor’s election so we expected it to be busy. We don’t expect the turnout to be this heavy every day but it’s been really busy.” Holcombe said.

There were 83 mail-in ballots in Franklin and 261 persons who turned out to vote early Saturday for the mayor’s race.


There also was a heavy turnout Saturday in St. Martin Parish. Of 31 precincts that make up the parish, 12 precincts turned out to choose a new mayor and elect councilman in four districts.

The St. Martinville mayoral race has four candidates, all Democrats. They are Espinola Alexander, William “Tiger” Leon, Melinda “Mel” Narcisse Mitchell and incumbent Mayor Thomas Nelson

St. Martinville voters also are choosing councilmen. In District 1 the race is between Michael “Mike” Fuselier, No party, and Dean J. Resweber, No party. The District 2 council seat is being decided between Lance Laviolette, an independent and republican candidate Craig Prosper. In the 3rd District, Democrat Maurice Smith is running against Dennis Paul Williams, No party. Finally, in District 4, the race for a council seat is between Democrats Janise Anthony, Juma A. Johnson and Nary Smith Sr.

The other 19 precincts in St Martin parish(in the Breaux Bridge area) were included in early voting by voting yes or no on a bond issue, Hospital Service District 2, which would allow for the incurrence of bond debt not to exceed 12,565,000 in the span of 20 years to improve hospitals and health care facilities.

Two hundred and forty-one people voted in person in St. Martin parish and 205 mail in ballots were received.

Early voting ends Saturday for the March 24 election.