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Tito Remains to Be Reburied in Public Cemetery With PM-Yugoslavia, Bjt

September 26, 1991

BELGADE, Yugoslavia (AP) _ The remains of President Josip Broz Tito, the founder of Yugoslavia’s Communist state, will be transferred from a Belgrade hilltop memorial to a public cemetery, a Serbian official says.

Nationalist Serbian leaders have supported a campaign against Tito, who was born into a mixed Slovene-Croat family. He is now being blamed for suppressing the interests of Serbia, the most populous republic.

The reburial of Tito’s white marble sarcophagus was to take place before the end of the year, Miodrag Janic, Serbia’s minister for urban development, said in an interview Wednesday with the official Tanjug news agency.

Tito died at 87 on May 4, 1980 after ruling Yugoslavia for 36 years. He kept the country’s fractious ethnic rivalries in check and maintained Yugoslavia’s non-aligned status.

Tito’s remains were placed in a specially-built memorial House of Flowers in Belgrade’s Topcidersko Brdo, the plush residential area reserved for foreign diplomats.

On Wednesday, Janic said Tito’s remains will be removed from its current location and reburied in one of the city’s cemeteries, Tanjug reported.

Janic said the House of Flowers in the Tito memorial complex should be abolished since it was ″illegally built.″

An offer has been made to Tito’s family through a lawyer to take his remains for re-burial elsewhere.

Jovanka Broz, Tito’s widow, was quoted on Wednesday by the daily Borba as saying she refuses to even discuss the issue through her lawyer.

Her voice trembling, Mrs. Broz said she saw ″the final act of a shameless campaign conducted by some media″ against her late husband, Borba quoted her as saying.

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