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Alaska Revenue commissioner resigning

November 16, 2019

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — State Revenue Commissioner Bruce Tangeman said Friday he’s resigning because he doesn’t want to be in a position of arguing a side of an issue he doesn’t support.

Tangeman said when he joined Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration, there was a path for a greatly reduced budget, no new taxes and a full payout to residents from the state’s oil-wealth fund. But the Republican governor faced pushback on the deep level of cuts he proposed, and lawmakers didn’t support a full dividend payout.

Tangeman said realities surrounding the budget and revenues may cause Dunleavy to shift positions and he wants to ensure the governor has a commissioner who is fully aligned with him.

Tangeman said he’s unaware of any plans by Dunleavy to propose taxes. Dunleavy has said new taxes aren’t going to solve Alaska’s budget deficit.

Dunleavy in a statement praised Tangeman’s work ethic and contributions to the administration. The governor’s office said Tangeman will oversee the upcoming release of the fall revenue forecast and stay on until a replacement is found.

Dunleavy’s new budget plan is due by mid-December.